WZ Academy Testimonials


"I really enjoyed the WZ course for Loss Prevention. For me, one of the nice aspects was that you don’t have to dedicate 10 hours in one day for the training. It’s nice to be able to leave the course and when you return, it takes you right where you left off. It is very convenient and easy to use. Thanks for providing this training for me."

Jim H.

Asset Protection Manager


"The WZ course was one of the most comprehensive courses I've taken on my academic path. The exam was difficult and very practical, which made me think a lot harder and more critically than any other course I've taken before. I believe this to be a college level, and possibly a graduate level read, as it pushed me that far intellectually. Awesome course, and well worth the money".

Nathan C., Loss Prevention


"I did enjoy the WZ course. I think that having the text read back made it easy to follow along with rather than sitting there reading it in silence. The video was a great way to see all the steps put into play. Overall, the course was put together very well and has me excited to execute what I've learned through the course".

Michelle B., Asset Protection Mgr.


"I greatly enjoyed the layout and the design of the WZ course for HR/ER. It was easy to navigate and the voice-over was very well-done compared to many other online trainings.  The information and content were cutting edge giving excellent examples both from real-life field application and from relevant industry research.  The concepts were also made specifically relevant to the HR field and the private sector.  I liked the sections on rationalizations and assumptive questions, as well as handling denials.  To me, these areas are the most difficult parts of the interview/interrogation process that need to be performed professionally and accurately the first time as you do not usually get two chances to get these parts right.  In my experience, the art of rationalizing is an area that is lacking in many HR department investigations and mastering this concept and skill will definitely assist in taking HR departments to the next level".

Eric S., HR Generalist


"I decided to take a refresher course on Wicklander-Zulawski Interview and Interrogations techniques. Because of the time demands of my military profession, I was unable to attend an instructor-led class, so I looked for an alternate means of training. Your Loss Prevention Academy provided exactly what I needed. The W-Z training was excellent; the online delivery method allowed me to learn the W-Z techniques at my own pace, to review areas as needed, and to challenge my understanding of topics at the end of each section. 


I enjoyed the training so much, that I signed up for the Master Level Course, and I am confident that I will be prepared for a career in loss prevention"

SGT Lynn Allan Holland

101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division


"Today after the telephone interviewing webinar, my employee reported that it was the single best webinar he had ever participated in. I was really grateful for the time and detail WZ puts into everything they do. I know WZ makes a difference to our industry, but today WZ made a difference to someone who means a lot to me and who sure deserves it."

Melissa Mitchell, CFI

Director, Loss Prevention and Inventory Control

LifeWay Christian Stores


"Great job on the presentation for telephone interviewing. WZ made sure everyone on the call was involved regardless if this was their first time or a seasoned veteran. It wasn’t your usual call where the presenter did all the talking. I would definitely use WZ for future training."

Daniel Rojas

Loss Prevention, Flexi Compras